What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a method used to naturally improve the overall appearance of the skin. By creating tiny, micro-injuries on your skin, it triggers the skin’s natural self-repairing process to create more collagen & elastin which aids in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles for softer, younger-looking skin. It can improve skin tone and texture and reduce the look of hyperpigmentation. The increased collagen production can also help improve the look of scars. Any products applied following the treatment will be penetrated deeply into your skin.

Am I a good candidate?

Most adults who want to improve the appearance of their skin are good candidates for microneedling but there are always exceptions. It is safe for all skin types and tones, including pigmented skin tones. When patients have active infections, sunburns near the treatment area, keloid scarring or use of Accutane within 6 months are not eligible. Treatment can be done not only on the face, but also the neck, chest and for stretch marks on the abdomen and hips.

The Microneedling Treatment Process

To provide a comfortable and painless procedure, before a microneedling treatment is performed, the area to be treated is numbed using topical anesthesia. 

Next, the microneedling handpiece is passed across the skin of the treatment area and one session can take forty-five minutes to an hour to complete.

More often than not, multiple sessions are required to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals. Two to six sessions are recommended, and it will be necessary to wait 4 weeks between each treatment session.

Aftercare and recovery

After a microneedling treatment session, patients can return to their regular activities without downtime/recovery time. However, redness, slight swelling and bruising can be present for a time, so patients may not want to return to work right away. 

The skin will heal in the days following the treatment session. During this time, it will be necessary to avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen with a proper SPF. Avoid makeup for two to four days and avoid tanning beds and swimming pools. 

An AlumierMD Post Treatment kit is given with each treatment for optimal recovery and aftercare. The post treatment kit comes with a cleanser, recovery balm and sunscreen.

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